Professional Boat Seat Upholstery Repair That Looks Just Like New – Daytona Beach

Nothing is more fun than enjoying your boat under the warm Daytona Beach sun.  But the harsh elements of the seas from the saltwater to the scorching heat can cause your boat seats to deteriorate, not to mention make them uncomfortable to sit on. And without professional upholstery repair, the rips, tears and discoloration of your boat seats will give it a weathered appearance and is likely to negatively affect the value of your boat.

Of course, you could try patching up the rips and tears, but that looks unsightly and unprofessional. And attempting to do a complete marine upholstery repair yourself can actually make the problems worse if it not done properly, not to mention hours of frustration when you would rather be out on the Dayton Beach waters.

With our professional marine upholstery repair, Daytona Beach area boat owners can have great looking and comfortable seating that looks like new for a fraction of the cost of buying new boat seats and without the frustration of attempting to do it yourself. We have repaired upholstery for vessels of all sizes. We only use top quality marine grade upholstery and offer a wide range of styles and colors to fit any boat interior that will provide years of enjoyment while boating on the lake or in the ocean. 
Whether you are planning to sell your boat and you want to get the best price, or just want to refresh the interior to provide a comfortable ride with friends and family on the Daytona Beach area waterways, our professional boat seat upholstery repair beats the cost of buying new.  For a free quote, contact us at (386) 801-9744 today!